About Me.


I’m Sarah MacPherson.

Wife. Cat and Chinchilla Mom. Runner. Mediocre Cook. Elementary School Teacher.

I believe that children show up to school on the very first day filled with ideas, theories, and questions that the world needs. My hope is to learn alongside children as we construct knowledge and make meaning together.

The emergent, inquiry based work that I value so much doesn’t have a script or neatly organized curriculum map to get from point A to B. It relies on messiness, embracing complexity, asking open-ended questions, valuing uncertainty, living in the gray, and holding clear teacher intentions.

I have found written reflection to be one of the best ways for me to re-focus on my intentions because it allows me to process and make sense of what is happening in the classroom. Often my journal entries turn into long lists of questions, based on what I’m noticing in the classroom, that I want to further unpack.

There will be many more questions on this blog than there are answers. I hope you’ll embrace the complexity and wonder alongside me!